Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alysha Aminuddin is now 21 months @ 1 yr 9 mths 10 days

How time flies soo fast, another 3 months Alysha will be 2 yrs old...alhamdulillah.
Mama Alysha lak now is 6 months pregnant and that is the main reason this blog is not being updated for a very long time. InsyaAllah, will deliver around mid September. So...Alysha will be 'Kakak" soon.
Since Mama Alysha pregnant ni, meragamnya lebih...merajuk nya....anything just dont sat NO...if not...menjeritla jawabnya .

Well,  dulu tiap2 20hb dok tunggu now excited to wait for her 2 yrs old bday lak. At 21 months mmg byk dia da catch up and learned. Gigi dari 4 btg tunggu punya lama nak tambah, now tgk2 da ada 12 btg.
Now da pandai ; mama, ayah, nana (my sis@ cik na) also her lala (cik la).
But ONE big problem kat umah is, she always nak mkn suap sendiri and very picky on food but only at home. Tapi bila tanya Kak Ita (the babysitter), she is ok there.Alahai....masalah tui dgn we all kat umah.
She eats almost everything there, may be sbb ramai kot kwn2 nya...alia,afiq...sedap mkn berebut. Kat umah sorang2 dia je...

since dia demam last Nov 2011, untill now she sleep with us, da tak mo tido kat baby cot,tak tau la nnt after I deliver nnt mcmmana. Susah2 I have to sleep in another room with the baby and Alysha tido dgn ayahnya.
Skrg Alysha da pandai nak main kat taman permainan, nampak je..."ayah, mama,....buai..."...then if da boring...ajak ayah naik and turun tangga...her favourite!