Monday, November 21, 2011

Eicha Progress...

It’s been very long time I did not update the blog. YES…been very very very bz, with work…additional; value added to my daily scope…just work not the pay!
Well today, Eicha is 15 months…a lots of progress since 1 year old.
Macam2 da pandai sekarang;
1. Yes, she can already walk, also almost to run, climbing…esp my stepper.
2. She talks a lot; mumbling actually…her own words…mama n ayah memang tak fhm.
3. Alhamdulillah, she gain more weight also,as suggested by dr…now we gave her “pedisure”…and she like ot very much.
4. Eicha really like to wear shoe, even in the house; ayah kata sbb mama pun pakai selipar dlm rumah.
5. Eicha pun da pandai buka laci2 n cabinet dapur…itu yg sekrg jd masalah besar.Da pandai “tolong kemas”…ha ha
Dan byk lagi….skrg ni tak ingat…ha ha
Also last 12/11, on my side, Eicha da ada sorang cousin…my brother yg kahwin last Jan 2011 dapat baby boy, Iman Akhmal.

Oklah, that's the update for now…also nak update al the past events...da!

Eicha jln2 di taman