Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eicha 1st bday!

It's been quiet sometime tak update blog ni.Been very busy dgn fasting month, then raya.When back to office after long leave kerja da melambak.
So banyak nak update. To start, eicha 1st bday that falls on saturday; 20/08/11. Since it was on fasting month, we just buy a cake to celebrate. We try to get 'eggless' cake and ayah bought it from 'king confectionary'. The tastte, ok;lembut and sedap. That week kebetulan we all balik Klang, jadi celebrate kat kg. ayah.

A year old; eicha da pandai jalan-walaupun jalan jatuh,jalan jatuh.
Most of the babies tumbuh gigi bwh dulu tp eicha tumbuh gigi atas dulu, pastu besar lak tu.
A week before her bday, eicha tiba2 demam. We all pelik gak, then we realise, demam nak tumbuh gigi. Alhamdulillah she is fine then and makin banyak akal sekarang. Eicha mmg aktif and tak bole dok diam even dalam keta.
All for now...